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Glittered veil
subtle soft sanguine
hopeful breath
within my breast
reaches out
towards a goal
nearly attainable
as the words
from beyond whisper

Mulberry Glen

Silent rapture of autumn
mingle mulberry mummers unmoved
across ocean of cian moors
to deep to cross without drowning

Thus we are left on wind and glen
suffering only a hope
To whisper it lasting


Faith has many dimensions
it casts shadow and reflects light in a thousand languages
the curve of its whisper and the strength of its word
can build hope out of nothing
and linger long after inspiration has gone.
Faith is not one voice
it is not one song
it is a million colors
under a million suns
and has a million stars
to call upon
Faith has many features
eyes with tears and prayers unheard by
mortal ears
it is that which holds us to our dreams
and keeps us strong when
even the road seems to turn
against us and head back
from where we have come.