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Winter’s Edge

Upon winter’s edge
I sit
Breathing in fire of Divine light
I believe
There to be standing on the
Veil and Vine
A return to places unmade
And yet to be
Lo, Spring’s hands working
I see
Hope in ever the making
To find the magics of
Life ever now
Ever now
I sit

Blue is the color of the sky and other misconceptions

Blue is the color of the sky
except when it is waking
then it is a mellow
powdery orange molasses
bubbling up over horizon
over star and behind cloud
except when it is sleeping
then it is a deepening hue
to black speckled with dreamt
stars and hurried comets reflecting
a crescent moon to swim in
except when it is bold
and diligent in its summer ambition
hazed with the glory of worshiping
sun flowers and delighted by
the buzzing beasts beneath
except when it is weary
then it is grey and somber winter worn
radiating the chill of another day
in another place with another lover
called spring who has hidden
itself away yet again
but then
the earth moves and the sun saunters
high above its station
and the sky is blue with joy
a delightful blue calling
memories of childhood escapes
to backyards, too tall trees
and swings hanging from branches
Blue is the color of the sky
except when it isn’t
and then it is the color of our
wants, the hue of our need,
the shading of our memory,
and the present of eyes
willing to see.

Mistress Summer Bid thee go!

Summer, leave me
I beg thee let me go
For who are we to change
the course of what we know.
Here – I – sit
Mid-Winter, trapped
with only dreams
of you to sate.
No more green hills
rolling sighs
no warmer breezes
and cooler skies
no more flowers
seeking rain
or endless nights
in raptures plain…
No, we had a place
but time has moved
me thus
please haunt a
younger soul
to satisfy your want.
If I could return
I’d gladly go
take your hand and flee
for mortal eyes
and mortal breath
live life more like Elder’s leaves
and thus my autumn has come and gone
the snows too soon will fade
and I
I will be but a dusted
dream on wind and do’ and shade.

Winter has reached out

Winter has reached out
firmly grasping life in hand
her shadow lay in crystal memories
upon the clover and the vine
her breath, like frozen smoke, drifts over words
as we brave chill to greet the day
And I for one rejoice
the seasons turning like a wheel
for in her coming she puts to rest passings of our doubt
to relinquish them in seeds of hope
when her sister Spring awakens