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Caged Birds and Flowers

Flowers fade

bee lay to rest its days of care

fox slips into dreamless sleep unseen

even the song must cease

– that song the caged bird sings

and yet

Breath comes in

Breath goes out

strength renewing

for I drink in the air

you breath – last, new, and still

your fear is mine

your courage is mine
mine is yours as well.

Because I must

I write because I must
the call of the page to ink casts no worry for my hand
no sentiment for my ache and ailing when it calls
it calls so the poet must answer or attempt to

I write because I must
the window of time will not linger open long
I must put down the skin the art of my notions
and breath life into the ought as the blood dries

I write because I must
the ink and instrument
the censor and the flame
seek to offer repentance of
a soul joyous of sin